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6 Things that Can Happen to Your Body When You Quit Eating Sugar

Category: Health and Wellness | 0 Comment

People get warned about alcohol and drugs addiction but no one warns you against the dangers and health implications of sugar addiction. Illness related to high sugar intake is on the rise, like diabetes, cardio vascular problems, dementia are some of the chronic diseases high indulgence in sweet things can cause. Your taste bud desires sweetness and you tend to consume more sugary foods forgetting about the health implications of high sugar intake. Most people are aware of the immediate effect of excessive sugar in the body but the aftermath effect is even worse and severe as it can lead to many conditions that can out life at risk. Why not prevent this at an early stage by reducing your sugar intake. A lot of benefits comes with quitting eating sugar and some of them include:

1. Stronger and Better Immune System
Quitting sugar makes your immune system better and stronger because sugar happens to be an acidic forming food that pushes the body into a chronic state of low-grade inflammation and chronic inflammation is actually the source of many diseases in the body such as cancer, diabetes, heart problems, obesity etc. The harmful bacteria that are found in the intestines which cause problems for the body is initiated by sugar. Reducing or quitting sugar helps health. Promoting bacteria flourish and heal the lining of the intestines. The digestive system gets better as well as your immune system gets healthier.

2. Less Inflammation
The body tissue is damaged by high blood sugar levels and this triggers an inflammatory response. Inflammatory responses can be in form of bloating, rashes, joint pain etc. when you take two much sugar in your body, chances are that you will have inflammatory outbreaks like acne or rashes on your face and body and the moment you stop your sugar intake, your face will get better and headaches will reduce.

3. Better Skin Appearance
The positive changes your body will experience aren’t just inwardly but outwardly as well. The moment you stop taking sugar, it shows outwardly on your skin because your skin will get better and fresher. High rate of sugar affects the skin by making it rough, strong, puffy and wrinkle. Being sugar free soften the skin and the skin becomes less puffy and wrinkly. Truth is aging is influenced but sugar as it reacts with proteins and makes the collagen and elastin structures less stretchy and durable. Quitting sugar doesn’t make your skin wrinkle, you will definitely look younger than your age.

4. No Food Cravings
Your love for sweet things makes you crave for a lot of junk foods that are even problematic to your health when consumed in large quantities. Stopping sugar intake will help stop the food cravings caused by sugar crashes. Your immense love for sugary things makes you always wanting and desiring sweet things like ice cream, pizza, chocolate and these foods have their effects in your body. You will be shocked if you read the labels on some food you consume, the amount of sugar in them are alarming but when you quit sugar, you are more liable to read labels and the content of food you want to purchase and this actually makes you know the nutrients and vitamins in them unlike when you love and take sugar you are more likely to purchase anything sweet and wouldn’t want to let go.

5. Diabetes Free
Diabetes is caused by high sugar level in the body and it leads to other ailments. Diabetes is treated continuously and it limit people with the disease to what they can do or eat. Diabetic patients can’t eat anything that has sugar in it so why not stop taking sugar now that you can while you are diabetes free instead of waiting to have high sugar level before stopping it. Quitting sugar makes you diabetic free in all ways and you get to live your life the way you want it, eating nutritious food that contain less sugar.

6. Weight Loss
Taking sugary things makes you gain extra weight because of the calories contained in sugar. When you quit sugar, your hormones get balanced and your cravings for sugary foods reduces/stop, you will start losing pounds that you probably gained and couldn’t loose before. Quitting sugar helps reduce excess weight and obesity. You can replace those sugary calories with other nutritious food with less sugar.

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