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Q Is it OK to ask employer "What do you want me to wear" to a job interview?
So I applied at a job, if they call me and say "Can you come in for an interview"? Would it be OK to ask them "What should I wear to it?" Or do you think they might not like that?

Asked By By Anonymous | Jan 23, 2018, 11:23 | 4 Answers | 1 Follower | Follow

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PhilipLyon 11 Answers | 0 Follower | Follow

It's perfectly ok to ask that question. I asked that question many years ago before and actually got the job. Some jobs in healthcare don't mind if you come to the interview in scrubs and some tech jobs is ok with casual. If you would ask me, I would see you as being interested and prepared. Which is always a plus in my book.

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Effizle 14 Answers | 0 Follower | Follow

No, do NOT ask what to wear to an interview; you will come across as incredibly naïve and inexperienced. On the side of overdressing, If you're hired, they will be more explicit about the company dress code.

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